I often offer "mini perl scripts" on my blog.  These scripts will usually accompany a project I'm doing at the time, or be a convenience script.  These are different, than my bigger projects.  Currently, I'm working on two things, that I would consider big enough to label a "project".  The QtCanon project has been stale for a while, but I have big plans to put a bow on this one.


 Title: QT Canon

Authors: Me & Jeremiah LaRocco

Description: Linux/Windows/Mac (possibly) application that allows a user to plug a     Caonon DLSR camera into their computer and then using predefined settings, the application takes pictures, and then when finished, creates a video (using ffmpeg) given supplied encoding parameters.

Status: Semi-active development.  I'm currently moving this from an SVN repo to a git repo hosted on GitHub .  The application works great, but I'd like to add more features to it, as well as package it and and offer binaries for download.



Title: gpx_tools

Authors: Me & Jeremiah LaRocco

Description: I've recently committed some code to my friend Jeremiah's gpx_tool collection located in his GitHub .  My contributions include a perl script called ski_stats.pl.  My aim is to have a perl script that uses only standard perl modules, that takes a GPX file from a day skiing, and gives you various stats like: number of runs, vertical skied, time skiing, time on lift, average speed, max speed, and any number of other stats.

Status: Active development.