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Stash gear in your pannier lid

I just got back from a ~4800 mile road trip on my motorcycle.  During that ride, I was able to make some good notes about my setup, and this week I checked the first item off the list of things to do when I got home. 

When riding, you want to be able to get to a few things easily, so you don't want to bury them in your panniers under other stuff.  For me this includes, warm riding gloves, a first aid kit, and my balaclava.  During the ride, I had this stuff sitting on top of whatever I had in my panniers at the time, and I'd have to set them on the seat with the lid every time I needed someting in my boxes.  This becomes a pain in the wind, or when the bike is off balance.  So, I decided to see if there were any nets I could put in the lid.  Since I have Touratech panniers, I decided I'd see what they offer first.  Like everything else that Touratech makes, the nets they offered were stupid expensive.  So, I went to work on making my own with some old bungee that I harvested from some worn out shoes before I tossed them and some paracord.

I picked up some D-ring hangers that are used for hanging pictures from the hardware store for about $2:

 Then I mounted each of the hangers under one of the existing screws for the racks on the lid:

After that, I took the bungee I had and laced it through the four rings:

Bungee cord parameter

I tied the bungee to itself with an overhand knot.  As you can see I have a stretchy parameter now:

 Now I had a place to start tieing the net.  I have a bunch of 550 Paracord, so I didn't have to buy that.  I've never tied a net before, but I had somewhat of an idea from some paracord projects I've seen in the past.  I cut about a 18 inch length of cord, bent it in half, and tied it to the parameter cord with a simple cow hitch (I'd probably use a prusik next time).  I cut off another 18 inch section, and tied it off about an inch away from the first piece of cord.  Then I just started tieing overhand knots a few inches down the cord (to the parameter, and to the other piece of cord):

Never tied a net before

I cut off a few more pieces of cord to complete the net, and it came together pretty quickly:

Finished product

After I finished it, I tossed one of my ski gloves into the net to see how it works:

I can stash stuff in my lid now!

I'll update in a few months when I've had a chance to really use it.  Only then will I know if I actually made something useful.  I guess I may re-tie it some time and finish the bottom part of the net better.  I may not though...


- - Rob

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