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Windows Binaries for QT Canon

A while back I compiled some Windows binaries for my QT Canon application.  I did a couple of videos with it, but I sold my DSLR before I got to play too much with it.  Until I get a new camera SLR, the QT Canon project is on hold (mainly because I don't have a camera to test with).  At any rate, I figured I'd put the binaries so that others could play around with it.  There are bugs in the app, and this is beta at best, but feel free to download and make some cool time lapse videos.  All you have to do is download the zip file and then extract it some where.  Then plug your camera in, turn it on, and then fire up the application.  On Linux, the app will find your camera even if you start the app before you plug the camera in.  This is not the case on Windows though.  You must plug in your camera, turn it on, and then start the app.  From there you just set up a few things and start shooting.  Have fun!

Download for Windows (XP/Vista/7): QT Canon

I recommend turning off the auto focus when shooting time lapse.  Otherwise the camera has a tendency to "hunt for focus" between shots, and this can produce a jerky video when stitched back together.  Kind of like this one I made with my Canon Rebel:


Updates for the week

I've got the QT-Canon repo moved from SVN to Git, and you can now check out the code from my GitHub.  On Ubuntu, you can check out the repo and, if you've got the QT SDK installed, build and run the application.  On Windows, you can check out the code, but you can't build it yet, because I haven't figured out what I need to (and am allowed to) include from the Canon SDK.  Give me a few days, and I should have this worked out.  As far as the Mac goes, well that could never happen, I'm not sure yet.  I guess I'll wait and see what happens once people start using this thing.

On the gpx_tools front, I've made some good progress the last few days.  I know I should be working on the algorithms to figure out how many runs you skied and vertical skied, but I got the idea in my head, that the script should know which resort you skied at and present you with data about that resort.  Because this is a brute force problem, I figured I'd just hit it head on.  I started with a GPX file that had waypoints for all the resorts in North America that I got from Travel By GPS.  I decided to turn this into a general purpose XML file (noth_america.xml), and stripped the GPX specific header from the file.  Then I added more info to each resort including: base elevation, vertical, average snow fall, number of runs, number of lifts, and the url for each resort.  I'm going to the website for each resort (and using wikipedia for the larger resorts), and grabbing the information above and adding it to the XML.  For any of the data I can't get, I put a -1 as a place holder.  When I'm all finished, I can spend time looking for the missing data for each of the resorts.  Here is a sample entry in the XML file:

<wpt lat="39.638997000" lon="-106.347394000">


Next, I updated the ski_stats.pl script to use the XML file to figure out which resort you skied at.  The results are pretty nice:



That's all I've got for now.  Things I plan on tackling in the next week or so are getting the QT-Canon app building on Windows from the GitHub repo, building out the QT-Canon project page, working on the XML file and ski_stats script, and I've been cooking up an idea in my head for another pretty slick QT application.
-- Rob