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I bet you don't have this much fun driving to work

Over the last few years, I've tried to ride my bike to work as much as I could in the summer (along with taking the bus).  I recently got a new single speed mountain bike, and for some reason, I've been having a ton of fun riding.  Add to this, I have a GoPro camera which I really want to use more, and my need to become a better video editor, and you've got the potential for some good video.  I took this video one day on my way to work and here is what I've got so far:

This is only part one, as it's time consuming as hell to get good video by yourself, and I just didn't have time to do the entire ride.  I hope to get a bunch more footage and put together part two in the next few weeks.

Anyway, here are the details on the video:

Camera: GoPro HD helmet camera

Song: DLZ by TV on the Radio

Edited With: Kdenlive on Ubuntu


Gang Ride number three

I missed the second gang ride, which was held up at Centennial Cone.  No big deal, I heard they got wet anyway.  Gang Ride three was planned only a week after the second ride, and took place at Heil Ranch in between Boulder and Lyons.  A guy I work with Ray planned this ride, and thought it would be a great idea to hit up Heil.  Cool thing for me is this trail is rocky as hell and I'm the only one on a hard tail....neat.  All this rock made for a seriously sore taint the next day.  Despite all that though, I had a great time.  Instead of bringing my point and shoot tough, I brought the GoPro.  I shot this stuff in 720p, and now I'm wishing I would have sprung for 1080p.  Ahh well, next time.  Anyway, this first clip is from the chest mount when Brandon was wearing it.  Brandon is semi-pro and rips (as you can see in the video):


I also decided that I'm going to start riding with clipless pedals again.  This ride was super rocky, and I had to slow down a ton just to keep my feet on the pedals.  I had eag beaters on my last bike, and didn't relaly mind them, I just hated commuting to work on them because I had to carry my shoes in my back pack.  This time, I've got some egg beaters with a platform.  I'm gonna try this setup for a bit and see how it goes.

Anyway, there were a ton of clips, and I'm sure I could mix a good video, but I'll just post this last raw video of Brandon follwoing me to the finish.  I'm pretty tired at this point, but I still seem to be going alright.  Make sure to check out the end when we just start bombing down the road to the truck.  Brandon is going crazy fast at this point:


Here's looking to the GR4....


- - Rob



Gang Ride number one

Holy cow has it been a busy last month and half.  You might have thought my blog had become a barren rocky wasteland where your seed could find no purchase.  You'd be wrong, however, as I've got tons to report!

In between a few of my work trips in June, I was able to get out on the first (monthly?) Gang Ride with a few people I work with: Brandon, Josh, and Patrick. I caught a ride with Brandon, and we headed up to Centennial Cone Park near Golden, CO.  Josh and Patrick both drove up and we met in the parking lot.

Brandon's single speed and my bike loaded on his carWe waited for Josh for a few minutes, called each other names for a bit, and then jumped on the bikes and headed down the first decent.  Admittedly, we probably started out a little fast, and Josh is pretty new to this whole mountain biking thing, which lead to him taking a digger about 300 yards from the parking lot.  Normally, this wouldn't be a problem, but Josh is like 6'3" and > 200, and his horse broke its front leg.  Brandon and I couldn't help but laugh and make fun of him, while Patrick stood wondering how this had happened.  Josh's front wheel was taco'd and his day was most definitely over, so we sent him packing and continued on our way.  What?  You know you would have done the same, so shut your cake hole. 

Little did we know, the adventure for the day was just getting started.  Although we didn't have any more wrecks, I managed

Patrick in total disbelief that Josh had broken his front wheelto flat 2.5 times.  I know, I know, how the hell do you flat half a time?  Well I actually only had two flats, but like the slow kid I am, I left the thorn in my tire after the first flat and proceeded to pump up my new tube until it to punctured.  The second flat of the day was due to me running too low tire pressure in my rear tire allowing me to pinch flat over a rock.  Because I had already used my extra tube, and Brandon's spare tube, I had to patch one of the tubes.  Luckily Patrick had a patch kit, and we went to work on patching the tube.  The tube took not one, not two, not three, but four freaking patches!  We definitly picked the worse of the two tubes to patch, and after four patches, I thought I might be walking back to the car.  After a few minutes, however, I was pumping, and then back on the trail.  The thing I like most about this trail was that It was an up and down kind of ordeal.  Instead of just  a massive climb and then ludacris downhill, you were treated to quite a few up/down sections.  I think this helped me stay fresh, and I felt better than I usually do.

Fixing one of the three flats I had that day

After about an hour or riding, we ran into one of Brandon's Trek Store riding buddies, and we hung with him.  He was pretty cool, and even noticed I was running my rear tire low again, and suggested that I put some more air in it.  This probably saved me from having yet another flat.  

After riding to what we thought was the halfway point of the loop, Patrick and I decided to head back and Brandon and his buddy continued on.  On the way back, Patrick and I had the pleasure of partaking in the fastest, scarriest down hill I think I've ever done.  It was that type where you know you're probably going way too fast and you should just slow down, but you're having so much fun, you can't bring yourself to.  We were ripping through the woods and I knew I was going to die at any minute.  When we got to the bottom, we both had giant shit eatting grins from ear to ear.  

Cheers to a good rideWe talked about it for a minute, and then hit up the last few climbs back to the car.  Shortly after we started the last down/up section Brandon caught up to us, and we pulled into the parking lot together.  I was a seriously fun time, and the only way to end that day was to share a few brews and laugh at Josh.




New bike

Spring's here, and I'm done with skiing.  It's warming up and the sun is out until about 8 these days.  Must be time to mountain bike!  I decided to use a hefty chunk of my commission this quarter to get a new bike.  I really didn't want to spend more then $1500, and I wanted a 29er after discussing the many benefits with my buddy Brandon (he's a bike nut).  After looking around, it seemed like Gary Fisher had the best selection of 29ers.  I mulled it over for a few days, and ended up getting a Gary Fisher Mamba.  It's the lowest end hard tail 29er Gary Fisher makes, but I think it's more than enough bike for me at this point.  I'm sad to say, but I haven't gotten much done in the way of the time lapse app due to the amount of ridding I've been doing on this thing.  Let's just say my butt is perpetually sore right now and my legs are in a constant rubbery state.  I logged a ton of miles in and around the open space near my house as well as a super fun trip up the first segment of the Colorado Trail last Saturday.  I managed to get some decent footage from the ride as is evident in my poorly edited video:


So other than riding my ass off, I do have a few updates on the skiStats.pl script.  I've been plowing through the ski resort info for the north_america.xml file, and I've got a good portion of the East Coast knocked off, all of CO, most of MT, and UT, and I'm starting on New Mexico.  I'm sure this is going to stretch out over at least another month, but it'll be pretty nice when I've got it all working.  Still to come:


  • Get the Windows version of QTCanon working from Github
  • Create the project page for QTCanon
  • A ton more mountain bike riding
  • Some motorcycle riding with video to follow