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Gang Ride number three

I missed the second gang ride, which was held up at Centennial Cone.  No big deal, I heard they got wet anyway.  Gang Ride three was planned only a week after the second ride, and took place at Heil Ranch in between Boulder and Lyons.  A guy I work with Ray planned this ride, and thought it would be a great idea to hit up Heil.  Cool thing for me is this trail is rocky as hell and I'm the only one on a hard tail....neat.  All this rock made for a seriously sore taint the next day.  Despite all that though, I had a great time.  Instead of bringing my point and shoot tough, I brought the GoPro.  I shot this stuff in 720p, and now I'm wishing I would have sprung for 1080p.  Ahh well, next time.  Anyway, this first clip is from the chest mount when Brandon was wearing it.  Brandon is semi-pro and rips (as you can see in the video):


I also decided that I'm going to start riding with clipless pedals again.  This ride was super rocky, and I had to slow down a ton just to keep my feet on the pedals.  I had eag beaters on my last bike, and didn't relaly mind them, I just hated commuting to work on them because I had to carry my shoes in my back pack.  This time, I've got some egg beaters with a platform.  I'm gonna try this setup for a bit and see how it goes.

Anyway, there were a ton of clips, and I'm sure I could mix a good video, but I'll just post this last raw video of Brandon follwoing me to the finish.  I'm pretty tired at this point, but I still seem to be going alright.  Make sure to check out the end when we just start bombing down the road to the truck.  Brandon is going crazy fast at this point:


Here's looking to the GR4....


- - Rob


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