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Lack of Motovation

Not sure what's going on these days, but I just can't seem to get myself motivated.  I'm in a slump.  I don't want to do anything (work or otherwise).  I find myself putting off stuff as simple as booking a hotel for my upcoming trip to Germany, for no reason at all.  Anyone who knows me would probably tell you that this is completely unlike me.  I'm very prompt and on top of everything.  At work, I'm the go to guy.  I take on any task and usually hit it head on.

So what's going on?  I've been thinking about it recently, and I think it's a mixture of things:  stress over uncertainty of my job after they did a round a layoffs, the need for a vacation, and maybe the need to just change up my routine.  I've been pretty isolated at work, and this has caused me to get almost complacent.  I really feel the need to work with a good team again.  Being part of a team that had kick ass people on it got me used to bouncing ideas off people, working with others on problems, and just coming up with great software.  After they cut the other two tech people on my team, I became the lone ranger.

What are my plans to fix this?  Well things are starting to pick up again at work, and I'll be traveling most of June.  Meeting with customers, and solving problems is what I really like to do, so I'm banking on this to get me excited again.  In addition to this change up, I'm going to spending a week in Germany on vacation, as well as going to Dallas for my family reunion.  This break will hopefully be just what I need to clear my mind.  I know everyone gets into a rut sometimes, so I'm not too worried about it.  I know I just need to get my ass in gear again.

Do you ever find yourself burnt out?  What are some things you do to get back in the game?  I'd love to hear what other people do when they just can't get motivated.


Reader Comments (4)

Before I even read that you were going to Germany the thought immediately popped into my head that you need to go on vacation to help recapture your motivation :) So that is great that you are doing that.
As you know I also work alone in the office, with my team mate working in another state, so I identify with feeling unmotivated sometimes and miss that team environment I used to have at other companies. I think a lot of motivation can come from bouncing ideas off others, and the general camaraderie. So when I start to feel that slump I try to learn something new at work, or call up my old marketing friends from previous jobs and just chat about what we are doing and share ideas. But beyond that I make sure I do something - anything - that makes me happy. If I can't go on vacation, I do something small that I enjoy, and I find the next day that I feel more motivated at work.

June 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKatieM

I know how you feel. I was getting to the point at my job in Denver that I just felt like I was going crazy, I was extremely bored(don't ask me how, because I worked at DIA, but I was.) I didn't know what to do with myself anymore, I was bored, I wasn't enjoying my job anymore, and I was getting irritated with everyone I worked with. I had to make a change, and to be honest with you I started reading Tony Robbins' books. I was into anything that would make me think different about my life. I was happy at home with my baby and my wife, but I just didn't have my usual energy. I had to change something no matter what. I'm not saying to move away like I did, but maybe a change would do you good. I know it has opened up my mind to a whole new world, and I feel like I can do anything. Do something out of the ordinary for you, go sky diving, go fly a plane, buy a motorcycle you can fix up. One of the best things that ever helped me was donating my time giving guitar lessons to abused children, and donating my time at a Mason's retirement community. Don't stress about your job you are a very smart guy and could do anything you want, if you get laid off I'll get you a job dammit!. Enjoy your life, and enjoy every minute in Germany, I'm sure it is going be a life changing week in your life, and I bet you come back with a new point of view on life. Stay positive, and smile often.

June 8, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterLee Katchen

First off, thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I mostly just post my ramblings like I'm yelling into an empty warehouse, but it's nice to hear back.

Katie - Maybe you and I should get together and work on marketing stuff from time to time. Because we're both on a team of one, it might be good for both of us. Also, I find working on stuff like marketing (that is outside of my comfort zone) to be fun and challenging. Thanks for the advice and maybe I'll starting talking to my old team mates from time to time about new ideas/problems I'm having.

Lee - Thanks for the pep talk. It's always nice to hear from you, and it's cool to see you doing so well. What exactly are you doing for work now that you're in SF? Did you change jobs or just locations? I'm sure it's exciting to move and have new challenges and meet new people. I definitely think you're right about changing things up even if it's small things outside of work. I'm going to CA next week, but I'll be in Anaheim, not SF, otherwise I'd say let's meet up and have some lunch or something. Next time I'm up your way, we definitely have to hang out.

June 8, 2010 | Registered CommenterRobert Tadlock

I work for a company called Elite Line Services (ELS). It's part of a five star airport alliance owned by Brynwood Partners (a majority share holder). We are a operations and maintenance company for airports across the country. We work on the baggage handling systems, passenger boarding bridges, and ground support equipment. I was a Senior Technician in Denver and now I'm a Supervisor; I moved here for the position because I needed some growth, and I was getting very bored. I've been working for them since I was 18, and they have always treated me very well, but now that I'm moving up, there are things I don't like, and don't agree with. I haven't been real happy with my decision of coming out here because my new manager is a dumb ass to say the least, but that's anywhere really. I'm not real sure what's going to happen out here yet, but I've recently been contacted by a friend from Siemens who offered me a Site Manager position to run the new SFO domestic terminal. I'm just waiting for the good word before I make any rush decisions.

If you come out here you definitely need to give me a call so we can catch up. Come take a vacation, you need it.

June 10, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterLee Katchen

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