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new camera!!11!


Canon D10
Picture courtesy of Flickr user bartheq and used under a Creative Commons License

 A few years ago, I bought a Canon Rebel XSi because I wanted to experiment with photography, and have a nice camera to take with me when I was on one of my many adventures.  I also, thought I wanted the ability to change lenses, which is why I didn't buy a little more high end point and shoot instead.  Over the last few years, I've taken tons of pictures with my SLR, and even done some experimenting with HDR, Pano stitching, DOF shooting, and a number of other photograhy tricks.  Despite all the fun I had with my SLR, I often found myself leaving it behind when going out to do stuff just because it was so big, and I didn't want the hassle of carrying it around.  My girlfriend Kim was starting to get tired of us missing good photo ops because I just didn't feel like taking the camera.  So, after some thought, I decided to sell my camera, and get another point and shoot.  At one time, I had an Olympus 770SW that I took everywhere with me.  I loved this camera.  I never had to worry about breaking it or getting it wet, so I just stuffed it in my pocket/bag and forgot about it.  I had this camera for about 2 years, and I abused the hell out of it.   There were a few things I didn't like, like night shooting, but I didn't mind making these compromises for the flexibilty the camera gave me.  I even have a ton of great underwater pictures from my trip to the USVI.

So naturally, when the time came to go back to a point and shoot, I new I wanted a rugged water proof camera.  I looked around, and there are quite a few manufactures that make these types of cameras, but only a few that fit my criteria (in addition to being rugged and waterproof): had to use and SD card, had to have an optical zoom, and had to be under $300 bones.  Also, in my head, I kind of new the camera had to be a Canon (I'm a fanboy, what can I say?).  So here it is, the Canon D10.  It's a little bulkier than my Olympus, but it doesn't use xD cards, and it has an optical zoom.  Anyway, it's on it's way from Amazon, and when it gets here, I'll use the hell out of it and think about posting a real review.


- - Rob

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