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New bike

Spring's here, and I'm done with skiing.  It's warming up and the sun is out until about 8 these days.  Must be time to mountain bike!  I decided to use a hefty chunk of my commission this quarter to get a new bike.  I really didn't want to spend more then $1500, and I wanted a 29er after discussing the many benefits with my buddy Brandon (he's a bike nut).  After looking around, it seemed like Gary Fisher had the best selection of 29ers.  I mulled it over for a few days, and ended up getting a Gary Fisher Mamba.  It's the lowest end hard tail 29er Gary Fisher makes, but I think it's more than enough bike for me at this point.  I'm sad to say, but I haven't gotten much done in the way of the time lapse app due to the amount of ridding I've been doing on this thing.  Let's just say my butt is perpetually sore right now and my legs are in a constant rubbery state.  I logged a ton of miles in and around the open space near my house as well as a super fun trip up the first segment of the Colorado Trail last Saturday.  I managed to get some decent footage from the ride as is evident in my poorly edited video:


So other than riding my ass off, I do have a few updates on the skiStats.pl script.  I've been plowing through the ski resort info for the north_america.xml file, and I've got a good portion of the East Coast knocked off, all of CO, most of MT, and UT, and I'm starting on New Mexico.  I'm sure this is going to stretch out over at least another month, but it'll be pretty nice when I've got it all working.  Still to come:


  • Get the Windows version of QTCanon working from Github
  • Create the project page for QTCanon
  • A ton more mountain bike riding
  • Some motorcycle riding with video to follow



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